"The image is revealed by state of minds, by scream of misery or by ghosts of photographer's dream - until organic relationship between the represented object and their motivations will be established. The pretexts identified in an ordinary life, and the anxiety - deformed, instinctual, violent and redemptive – would lead the user to a stringent symbiosis with what it intends to represent, and - in cultural uprising – Interiority joins with Image.

The Photography is intended as alteration of intimate beliefs; a 'magic unfamiliarity’ filtered by memory and saturated by poetry of space. Images are treated as a mirror of reality, drawing rides into imaginary territories of inner spaces. For Ciccotti, the Photography is an interest’s renewal, spreading into territories of his land, in the cycles and seasons of Communication. They are patterns of memories, remainders almost invisible of his conceptual universe. He abjures conjectures, quite usual among contemporary artists; he knows that the duty of every research is to recreate the authentic connection among the various sides of life - learning about the links between expression’s characters and retrieving the influence of our heritage and our origin.

Francesco Ciccotti’s images leave us astonished: they are new, expressive, intimate, raved; a graphic adventure that combines puzzles plenty of distinctive enigmas scattered along the way. They are Landscapes treated like stories to reveal and restore – an action’s series settled in accurate mode but also extreme adventures taken from an inventory, from where the protagonist preserves characters and sensations previously found.

As a writer-graffiti artist, he suggests current expressions, generating a loop of essential landscape, looking for satisfactions and wonders, removing excessive network connection; he collect the relocation of its analysis of ‘Real’ into a bizarre space where coordinates are interconnected in one intimate interpretation of ‘Knowledge’ as suggestive focal point.

A form of ironic and provocative expression, aimed at denying reasonable principles that express spontaneously passions and existential depression (out of pre-established schemes) and where emotional retrieval appears unconscious, out of evocative goals through a sort of idealism of subjective forms.

A resolute contribution that implies a human knowledge, impressions of morphological processes that have been recorded and conveyed with the tools of our sensitive civilization, as perception about city and environmental processes but also as chrome-graphics realism where diving with own visions and existential impartiality.

As whom may descend, the Avatar Ciccotti (as metaphorical translation) combines small worlds in a virtual space, he designs fragmented and para-artificial languages on these images, leaving the observer fascinated and surprised about compression of Reality; there is also a strange conjunction between aggregate level and separation grade, a sort of graphs-theory which highlights the essential key network of whole image and summarizes the space.

Images which determine changes from the point of view and provoke an emotion completely unrestricted from perceptive bond; the strength of the added-value (with excess of logic) allows the visual perception to activate the Emotion, inducing state of minds between shock and attraction, torment and evocative vibration"

Enzo Carli

Enzo Carli
Sociologist, journalist and for intellectual needs photographer, has joined exhibitions, debates and conferences about photography in Italy and abroad. Pleasant pupil and friend of Mario Giacomelli, he is author of essays and publications about photography and communication with images. He’s been an International Consultant for Public and Private Corporation about Photography.
Artistic Director of Human Work (a European project on Photography), he cooperated with French National Library and with Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Tokyo. Professor of Communication, Sociology and Culture of Photography and Communication at many Universities and Colleges, he is actually Professor of Photography at University "Carlo Bo” in Urbino (Italy). In 1996, he’s been included in cultural updates on UTET Encyclopaedia; he drew numerous essays and publications (Fabbri Ed. – Alinari Ed. – Charta Ed. – Gribaudo Ed. – Il Lavoro Editoriale – Adriatica Editrice – Lussografica Ed.)

PanoramicaMente Tivoli 17-19 April 2015

"For two consecutive days I visited the exhibition of Francesco Ciccotti and last night I fell asleep with his photographs that ran in front of me as if I were still there.

Experimentation always leaves a little bit perplexed especially when you're not prepared to look at new concepts about photographic art; I had to acclimate, breathe the unusual representation for my eyes, I had to empty my mind from old canons and prejudices, like a drawer from all things old and useless junk.

It opened a new world, where the classic, with its sharp and Carthusian details, joins like an embrace new horizons; squares in the center of each processing are at the heart from where all starts...these seem honeycomb with the swarm of industrious people active to guard an unmatched cultural asset that projects into a new future, with new perspectives.

Some pictures represented in the colors gold, observe them from a distance you have the impression of being in front of old precious jewelry precious of ancient Rome...and was just it, the Francesco's subliminal massage enclosed in his works?...We have an open-air museum of great beauty and unmatched value, that he, with his art, preserves, protects and seals and that often, however, the neglect of man and not of the time leads to the inexorable destruction, thanks Francesco Ciccotti to these pictures of beautiful art but also of reflection."

Photographer and Painter Antonio Gregori

"See with the mind's eye.

It is rare in Tivoli there are interesting exhibits, beyond the commonplace and the foregone. The anonymous Scuderie Estensi until April 19 are personalized by a beautiful photo event.

The works are of an interior designer who, with his camera, introduces us in to the world of space that surrounds us. The lesson is masterful because we understand at once that it is not the mean to impress us but his-our mind that reworks the images and returns them in a box full of magic.

Not to be missed, despite the advertising channels of radical chic in the city government are devalued."

Architect Luigi Armando Gemmo

"Materialization of the power of ideas with effective communicative and artistic."

Professor Franco D'Alessio

"The reality made surreal in a game between two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality.

An astral travel with the body remaining in the same spot. Emotions enclosed by the embrace of these spherical shapes of multiform backgrounds.

The creativity of Francesco kidnaps and involves the eye and the heart of the viewer slews 'PanoramicaMente'."

Francesca Di Sarno

"A unique point of view, 'SUSPENDED TO THE GROUND'."

Dr. Roberto Giamminuti